Picco Omega 21 X6 Ultra Torque P195
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Picco Omega 21 X6 Super Competition, Buggy Ultra Torque engine P195. SG crank, 7mm Carb with 14mm spigot fitting. 2.2 Bhp. 6 X Transfer Ports, 1 x Large Tapered Exhaust Port, 2 x Piston Lubrication Ports, Turbo Boost Flowed Crankshaft, 13mm Rear Crankshaft Bearing, 7mm Sealed Front Crankshaft bearing, Sculptured Piston, Air Flow Streamline Connecting Rod, Hardened Back Plate with Large "O" ring seal. All of these well thought out tuned parts make for a very fast reliable Engine Package made by Picco for Omega.