Picco XP-21 Sport Off Road SG, 7mm carb. Was £109.99
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Picco XP-21 Sport Off Road SG crankshaft, 7mm carb. Addjustable carb opening from 7mm to 8mm or 9mm sold as a seperate item. The P3 .21 is an easy to tune engine with a smooth power band specifically designed for those just stepping up to the power of a .21 engine. Perfect for new 1/8th drivers or those looking for an easy to use sport engine. This affordable engine is the right choice for regional competitions. Features 13mm crankshaft Hard chromed brass lapped liner Piston CNC machined from billet high percentage sillicone alloy Quality ball bearings Integrated combustion chamber Composite slide carburettor Spec check Capacity: 3.49cc Bore: 16.26mm Stroke: 16.80mm HP: 2.1 RPM: 27,000 Weight: 330 gram