TWISTER V2 SPORT 4 Channel Helicopter
£ 89.99
# 79335
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The Twister Sport V2 single rotor Helicopter is a great affordable introduction into 400 size heli?s and also a good transition from your micro 3-4 channel Helicopter offering a great flying experience with its switchable flight modes, you can go from gentle hovering mode to sport mode by a press of a button! The Sport mode also gives you a smooth and powerful control needed to fly indoors or outdoors making good use of the specially developed high energy rotor blades. (only recommended for light winds) A full 4 channel control allows the Twister 400 Sport to be one of the most manoeuvrable in its class allowing you to hone and improve your flying skills. The Twister 400 Sport come with a 2.4GHz radio guaranteeing a secure connection to your model at all times.