Blade MQX RTF Quad Copter UK MODE 2
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Blade MQX RTF Quad Copter UK MODE 2 Combining futuristic looks with out-of-this-world technology, the Blade mQX Quad Copter is the world?s first Quad Copter that comes equipped with AS3X stabilisation. Making the move over to the mQX from coaxial or single rotor models like the Blade mCX, mSR or 120SR couldn?t be easier thanks to the TX?s dual rate sensitivity setting whilst more experienced flyers can also enjoy the experience of flying a Quad Copter thanks to it?s DSM2 radio technology being compatible with many of Spektrum?s flight transmitters such as the DX6i, DX7 and DX8. Maintaining in-flight orientation can often be of concern for the burgeoning Quad-flyer but with the mQX, different colour blades can be fitted to the lead (front) motor to assist visual orientation and the mQX can be setup easily to fly in either the default ?X? pattern or as an alternative ?+? pattern depending on the pilot?s preferences. Whilst the four potent 8.5mm brushed motors endow the mQX with all of the control and precision normally only found on larger Quad Copters, the AS3X Stabilisation technology ensures that this sub-micro sized Quad Copter doesn?t get blown off course by the wind. Made from lightweight and durable carbon fibre with a high-impact resistant plastic canopy, the mQX is ready to take the rough with the smooth and as your confidence grows with the mQX thanks to its superb flying manners, you?ll soon find yourself being able to pull off advanced aerobatic manoeuvres such as loops, spins and pirouettes.