E SKY RC Simulator ( Planes and Helicopters)
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E SKY RC Simulator (Planes and Helicopters in on unit) USB connection to computer is included in this unit plus disc and TX hand set. Functions include Throttle, Aileron, Elevator, and Rudder. Choose from different planes or helicopters and get a free down load of the internet. Product Features High-performance, High-realism 3D graphics and 3D sound effects Connect with USB port cable and no batteries is required Simulator supported: FMS Version2.0 Beta7 / FMS Version 2.0 Alpha8.4 and above System Requirement: Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98 Hardware Requirements: CPU Intel Pentium 600 or above; 32MB GAP 3D; 128MB; 10GB hard disc; 52xCD-ROM