Minium Christen Eagle Blue
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Lightweight speed and maneuverability controlled Kyosho CHRISTEN EAGLE (Blue) Minium BIND and FLY NO TRANSMITTER Experience the wonder of high performance biplane flight with a 2.4GHz 3-channel R/C system. This micro-sized scale airplane provides both great stability and nimble aerobatic performance. Readyset Contents ?Fully assembled fuselage ?3.7V-70mAh lithium polymer battery pack ?Airplane stand with built-in auto-cut off quick charger Required for Operation ?4 x AA-size alkaline batteries for transmitter and 4 x AA-size batteries for charger ?(Note) Oxyride battery cannot be used. Specification: ?Length-320mm ?Width-360mm ?Weight-30g (approx.) ?Motor-M8 coreless motor ?Wing Area-4.32dm2 ?Wing Load-6.94g/dm2 ?Wing Type-Camber type ?R/C System-PERFEX KT-17 2.4GHz 3-channel one-piece R/C System ?Propeller-D130mm~P70mm ?Dihedral-Upper Wing 2?/ Lower Wing 6? ?Scale-1/17 Features: ?Fully assembled and complete with linkage setup and coloring. The tail wing is also pre-attached so just charge the battery and take-off. ?Up to 26 aircraft can be flown at the same time. ?Functions automatically once transmitter is registered to the receiver. (Comes pre-registered at time of shipment). ?Equipped with pre-installed lightweight one-piece control unit that includes built-in speed control amp, receiver and two linear stroke servos. ?Place the model on the stand (which includes built-in battery charger) to create a stunningly realistic display. Or, detach the charger component from the stand to use separately. This R/C model is not a toy! Correct assembly and maintenance and choice of appropriate flight location is required for the safe operation of this model. Failure to use responsibly and perform required safety checks can cause fatal accidents. Beginner flyers should never fly solo. The amazing MINIUM airplane series that changed the world of micro-sized R/C flight forever, now introduces the sharp maneuverability and small turning circle of a biplane. The cambered wing and lightweight finish produce optimal lift that allows the biplane to fly long and slow without stalling while its optimal wind resistance allows the plane to adapt for a wide speed range. The 30g weight of the airplane is driven by a large diameter propeller and a powerful 8mm motor (previous versions used 6mm) to generate about 30g of thrust which produces an excellent thrust to weight ratio for plenty of power and stable flight performance. This fully pre-assembled model is loaded with an ultra-small control unit with built-in amp, receiver and two servos and has all the linkages pre-set, so simply set the batteries and get ready for takeoff. Control is managed with an R/C system that uses the worldwide standard 2.4GHz frequency. Simply switch the power ON and the R/C system automatically scans a 79 wave spectrum for an open frequency. This provides a safe control system without the need to carry spare frequency bands. The unique and exciting flight performance of this scale biplane is captured on the palm of your hand with the Kyosho CHRISTEN EAGLE II. We?re pleased to offer our customers free recycling on all household electrical items. Unwanted electrical equipment is the UKs fastest growing type of waste, and sending it to landfill causes lead and other toxins can leak out and cause soil and water contamination, harming wildlife and human health. Fortunately, many electrical items can now be repaired or recycled. That?s why we?re offering free recycling on a like-for-like basis ? so when you buy a new item from us, we will make sure your old model is taken care of. If you?re not sure whether your electrical item can be recycled, have a look for the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on the packaging, or on the item itself. If the symbol appears on the replacement item, this is also an indication that the old model should be recycled. The Directive The Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive requires countries to maximise separate collection and environmentally friendly processing of waste electricals. In the UK, that means retailers like us must offer all customers buying new equipment free take-back for their old electricals.